Innovative Medical Technology Treating Myopia

Innovating Medical Technology develops a new generation of biomedical devices and systems and provides patient-adapted medical technologies. Aachen research cluster develops personalized medical services which give individual solutions and treatments for specific diseases and problems. It specializes in myopia and cardiovascular diseases, the main cause of death in Germany.

Shortsightedness or Myopia, is an eye condition in which the individual who is experiencing it may see distant objects as being blurry while objects that are within close proximity of them can be seen clearly. In the United States alone, it is estimated that as many as 30-40% of the entire population suffers from this condition. As a matter of fact, numbers are getting worse, since 30 years ago short sighted people were 25% of the american population. Of course this is not happening solely in the US. Other countries are facing the same issue:

In this overview, we’ll take a look at the causes, side effects and treatment options that are associated with this condition.

Causes Of Myopia

Scientists blame prolonged visual convergence due to excessive use of phones, tablets, etc

Shortsightedness has been categorized as being a refractive eye condition. A refractive eye condition is any problem that affects the eye’s structure which ultimately affects how light enters that specific eye. Most children are born with a certain degree of long-sightedness, but as their eye grows to their full length around the age of 8, their sight ultimately stabilizes and they are able to see objects both near and far, clearly. However, people who experience short-sightedness, eyes continue to grow even after 8 years, causing the structure of their eyes to become too long, from the front to the back portions of their eye. When this occurs, light is not able to reach the retina as easily as it would for a person who has an average shaped eye. This ultimately gives the illusion that distant objects appear to be blurred.

Signs And Symptoms

There are several signs and symptoms that are associated with shortsightedness, this can occur throughout any stages of a person life, as its worth noting the severity of these symptoms may not be evident at first glance, but may in some circumstances progressively become more evident as the afflicted gets older. Some of the symptoms that are associated with Myopia include:


* Inability to read road sides that are at a distance.
* Eye strain
* Distant objects progressively gets blurrier with no sign of improvement.

Young Children

Young children in general who do not know of the circumstances surrounding a vision problem may give a variety of obvious signs such as:
* Sitting to close to the TV.
* Continuous blinking and rubbing of the eyes.
* Continuous frowning
* Squints, whenever they view something from a distance.

Relation To IQ

At first glance, it may seem that having an eye condition that affects your vision, may hamper your IQ, but in all actuality this is far from the truth. Many prominent research studies have shown that there is a direct link between having a high IQ and having Myopia. One of the most prominent studies that demonstrated this, was conducted by a group of researchers from the Danish Institute of Myopia Research that consisted of several dozen 18 year old draftees from Denmark. During the study, each participant was given a 78 question intelligence test. Upon conclusion of their study, they found that the average intelligence scores for people who were not nearsighted was 41.41, while the average test score for all the participants that were nearsighted was approximately 47.09.

Treatment Solutions For Myopia

Even though myopia can be a lifelong condition in most circumstances, there are a variety of treatment solutions available that can help to correct the vision of individuals who are afflicted with this condition on a continuing treatment or permanent treatment basis. Some of them include:

Prescription Glasses And Contact Lens

optometrist eyeglassesMyopia can usually be corrected with the issuance of prescription glasses or contact lens. Most glasses that are prescribed for individuals with myopia have concave lenses that are thicker at the edge and thinner in the middle of the lens. Due to this specific shape, light that passes through concave lenses cause parallel light rays to curve outward so that it can reach the retina more efficiency.

Contact lenses that are prescribed for people with myopia work similarly to concave lenses in the sense that it diverges light rays so that it can focus on the retina more efficiently.

Laser Refractive Surgery

laser refractive surgeryOne of the treatment options that offer permanent results, are laser refractive surgeries. As mentioned before, shortsightedness occurs, whenever the retina does not get a sufficient amount of light, due to the structural properties of the eye. However, with laser refraction surgery, a surgeon can make small alterations to the cornea of your eye, so that light is able to focus on your retina more efficiently.

Zenni Optical Myopia Glasses

Zenni Optical was founded by two scientists in San Francisco, CA. in 2003. The purpose of the company is to provide fashionable, affordable glasses to everyone. They even work in conjunction with the Lion’s Club, who collects frames people don’t want anymore. They are left at opticans’ offices in a box and if someone comes in who needs a frame, they can take a pair, if it fits them for free. These frames can then have lenses put into them by Zenni Optical.

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How Often Should You See An Optician

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Can I Improve My Sight With Nutrition?

Nutrition has immediate effect on health. When the organs lack essentials nutrients, their condition deteriorates. Certain foods can help to improve eyesight and ensure good health of the eye. Poor sight is commonly caused by a condition known as macular degeneration, which accounts for many cases of sight problems in the United Kingdom. This condition normally affect individuals over sixty years old. However, young people and children can also be affected by a genetic form of this condition.

There various steps that can be taken for eye protection. For instance, it is important to consider eating superfoods such as greens, including kale, spinach and broccoli. These greens contains lutein which is helpful in protecting the eye by ensuring the formation of pigments within the macula. It is also important to consider eating more carrots, since they assist in improving eyesight due to the fact that they contain carotene which is converted into essential vitamin A by the liver. It is worth noting that vitamin A protects a person’s eyes by assisting to absorb light energy which into the eye.

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